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Carmel Greystone

The power of a story is determined not by who tells it, but by how it is told...

Carmel Greystone is a U.K. based Production Company with a 25 year track record in writing for the theatre, and theatre production. The Company’s film division was set up in 1999.

Latest News

Asylum will be the first project out of the gate in 2017 for Carmel Greystone. After the sell-out run at Waterloo East Theatre in 2015, Asylum is back in London this time at The Courtyard Theatre, 13th -16th April 2017. The story of three ladies who find themselves locked in a prison cell and heavily guarded by a sadistic female warden, only to find that the prison is in their mind and the only thing binding them is their fear of independent thinking.

Two further projects are slated for 2017: RESPECT. The story of Pre, Diamond , and Sax as they journey through their very different lives of corporate executives, domestic abuse, and street crime, in order to find the elusive ingredient that all crave; Respect.

Carmel Greystone will close the year with the premiere of the ensemble piece REUNION. College graduates reunite after 25 years to celebrate the wedding of one of their closest friends, only to find their time has shifted their faith, aspirations, and moral code beyond recognition.

Details of dates and venues for RESPECT & REUNION will be posted on the site in due course.